Once there lived a little girl with bouncing pigtails who ran everywhere she went. The little girl’s favorite things were running (of course), painting and kitty cats. But her favorite, favorite thing was folding lined paper and stapling it together to make little books (that were usually about kitty cats). The best thing about the books she made was that many of them were only a bit bigger than a postage stamp and could fit into the girl’s overalls pocket and even into the little zippered pouch on her Kangaroo tennis shoes–she loved to take the tiny books with her everywhere she went.

Hi! I’m Sadee. I am an artist and author-illustrator of picture books.

Now I run around chasing my own little girls. Before they were born, I actually loved running so much that I went to college on a track scholarship! I am still a cat person—in fact, there is a little black kitten sleeping at my feet as I write this. And can you guess what is still my favorite, favorite thing? Yes, that’s right—making books! If it’s possible, I think I love reading and writing even more now than I did when I was little. Thankfully, these days it’s a lot easier to take books with me everywhere I go; I especially enjoy listening to audio books on my smartphone. I still keep small notebooks nearby to scribble ideas and sketches for stories. And constructing tiny books with scrap paper and a stapler is a handy way to test how my art and words read as you turn the pages.

I studied art and literature, earning a BA in English, a minor in art and a Masters of Teaching Arts degree. After teaching high school English and working as a technical writer, we moved to Germany for a few years where I stayed home with my tiny daughters and began to paint again. My watercolor and mixed-media collage art has made its way into many private collections across the U.S. and in Europe. Now I spend lots of time reading picture books, learning as much as I can as I write and illustrate some of my own.

My sunny home-studio just north of Denver, Colorado is a lively and creative place bustling with the energy of family and friends, including my four favorite people in the world—three young daughters and their handsome German daddy. Plus, we have TEN PETS–two Australian Shepherd mixes (Emmy & Stormy), a ginger-and-cream tabby (Buttercup), a black-smoke tabby (Twilight), five parakeets (Sunny, Sapphire, Pickles, Lemon & Glory) and a sunfire hamster (Despereaux). Whew! You could say there’s a lot of food-chain drama going on around here ;).

When not reading/writing/illustrating books you will find me working in my garden, cooking for my family, attending to kids’ homework, soccer games and dance classes…and learning to play the ukulele.

Photo Credit: Esther Cummings of Blue Thistle Photography