Little Sarahsm

Once there lived a little girl who always ran around wearing pigtails and carried a cat tucked up under her arm. The little girl’s favorite activity (other than running around and playing with cats) was folding lined paper and a stapling it together to make little books (that were usually about cats). The best thing about the books she made was that many of them were only a bit bigger than a postage stamp and could fit into the little girl’s overalls pocket and even into the little zippered pouch on her tennis shoes so she could take them with her everywhere.

prifile photo webHi! I’m Sadee. I write and illustrate stories for children.

I’m all grown up now and still always running around, now with a little girl or two tucked up under my arm. I actually loved running so much that it helped pay my way through college. And I will always keep a special place in my heart and my home for cats. I love reading and writing even more than I did when I was little. Thankfully, these days it’s a lot easier to take books with me everywhere I go and have them contain a lot more story than a few square inches of stapled paper can contain. But I do keep small notebooks nearby to scribble notes and sketches for stories that I want to write and illustrate. And constructing tiny books with scrap paper and a stapler is a handy way to test how my art and words read as you turn the pages.

family illustration

I studied art, writing and literature, earning a BA in English and a Masters of Teaching Arts degree. After teaching high school English and working as a technical writer, I decided to focus on painting and to start a family. My watercolor and mixed-media collage art has made its way into many private collections across the U.S. and in Europe. Now I spend lots of time reading picture books, learning as much as I can as I write and illustrate some of my own.

My sunny home-studio near Denver, Colorado is a lively and creative place bustling with the energy of family and friends, including my four favorite people in the world–my three young daughters and their handsome German daddy–plus our three “furry babies”–two Australian Shepherd mixes named Emmy and Stormy, and a ginger tabby named Buttercup.

Photo Credit: Esther Cummings of Blue Thistle Photography